Thank Goodness for Cross Training.

31 Jul

If you follow me on Twitter or are a friend/family of mine on Facebook, you may have noticed I’ve been complaining my foot hurts for the past couple of days.

Friday morning I woke up and my left foot just hurt.  I couldn’t put weight on it to walk normal all day.  The symptoms eased throughout the day, but it still hurt.  I did my research and talked to Coachy and my mom (she used to work for a foot doctor, how convenient!) and determined that it’s plantar fascitis.  Wonderful.  I spent a lot of time rolling my foot on a golf ball while I sat at my desk and I stretched quite a few times.

Yesterday morning was another wretched morning.  I spent it limping around my house until it loosened up, but eventually I was able to walk normal.  I still had pain, but it wasn’t as bad as Friday.  Hooray! I iced, I stretched, I golf ball rolled.  Walking felt good, even if there was pain. I was supposed to run 4 miles – instead I focused on keeping myself limber and did the P90X X-Stretch video.  THAT felt good and it helped open up my calves/ankles/feet.

Today I woke up still in pain, but the amount of time limping around my house was much shorter than the previous two days.  I iced and rolled and stretched some more before heading to the gym.  Today I was supposed to run 10 miles! It was to be my first long run since Marathon Sunday and my last long run before the Rock N Roll Providence Half Marathon, which is this coming Sunday, August 7th.

Well running is out of the question right now, even though the foot starts to feel better every day, I’m not taking my chances.  I will run and I will finish the RnR half next Sunday.

A couple of weeks ago I told everyone that I wanted to run the RnR half in two hours or better.  I’m not throwing that idea out the window, but I’m not focusing on it now.   I will finish the race, and that’s all that matters! I don’t want to chance making my foot worse.  I was counting down the weeks this morning – not including next Sunday, there are only 4 opportunities to get quality long runs in before tapering for Marathon #2. I don’t have time to be injured, so I have to be extremely careful.

All of that brings me to the topic at hand.  Thank goodness for cross training! Instead of letting my bum foot keep me on the couch, I got my butt up and I went to the gym.  I pushed myself through an hour of hill intervals on the bike, followed by 35 minutes with my dear friend Eli(ptical). An hour and a half endurance workout to replace my run – that’s about what a ten miler should’ve taken me anyway, so it worked out really well.

I will admit that I didn’t see this scenario so positively when it first struck me on Friday.  I was bummed, sad, thinking horrible thoughts like “What if I can’t run Marathon #2?”. It took me a while to snap out of the funk, but I realized that I can defeat this.  I caught it and quit running right away.  It will get better and I will run both of my upcoming races without problems.

After my gym workout I was craving some juicy fruits and veggies in a bad way, so I came home and prepared this lovely little late lunch/snack for myself

I’ve done a great job of plowing through that while I write. It seriously hit the spot!

And now, from left field for some good news!

I just hit my 5th month of 100+ miles with a grand total of 101.86 miles in July!
I’m hoping to see that number continue to creep up, especially in August as I peak for Marathon #2.
Have you ever suffered a running injury before? What did you do to stay positive/overcome it?

One Response to “Thank Goodness for Cross Training.”

  1. July 31, 2011 at 8:54 pm #

    I had a stress fracture in my heel after my 2nd marathon. After ignoring it for 6 months, I finally got an xray and had to take 6 months off from running for it to heal. At first it was awful, but then I got into cross-training too – spending time checking out all of the settings on the ellipitcal machine, getting myself back in the pool fr the first time since college, biking, etc. It was really good for my training in the long run (no pun intended!).

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