Things that make me Happy

19 Jul

I’m still working on the part of my marathon race report that I know you’re all waiting so patiently for.  If only I could blog and run and do fun stuff full time, instead of that little thing called work.

Instead, for your reading pleasure, I have a weekend/Monday recap in the form of things that make me happy!

Baking! Oatmeal Bluenana Muffins (Recipe to follow this week)
Lexi – she may be a pain in my butt, but how can you resist that cuteness?

Sushi dinners on Friday nights
Giant sake martinis to go along with the sushi
Impromptu flights to Martha’s Vineyard with the ‘rents
Beautiful views while up in the air
Wicked fresh fish sammiches
Anti-annoying children signs 
Beer caps advocating drinking haha
Breakfast for dinner
A HARD CORE workout after a cranky Monday and light week of training
Showing off my accomplishments

What makes you happy? This is such a small list – but it all happened in three days, NOW THAT makes me happy!


One Response to “Things that make me Happy”

  1. Fruit Fly July 19, 2011 at 11:04 pm #

    You 26.2 on your car makes me happy. That's awesome and well deserved!

    French fries make me happy. Always. And right now sleep would make me happy. And quiet. I love quiet.

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