Active Rest Week (Coming up with Future Plans)

16 Jul

It’s been a hard week for me.  My legs say run, but professional advice said don’t run.  So I actually listened to the professional and I didn’t run.  I won’t run now until Tuesday, and I’m supposed to take it easy until next week.  I’m not sure how easy that is going to be to accomplish.  My legs and feet are twitchy – 6.5 or so miles worth of walking all week does not appease a runner.

I told everyone I want to run the Rock N’ Roll Half in 2 hours or better  and now I’m being torn in two different directions.  Some people say do it.  Other’s say, it’s too soon after Marathon #1 (4 weeks) and it’s too close to Marathon #2 (5 weeks to taper week).  Especially because I want to try to run a 4 1/2 hour or better race for Marathon #2.

My brain is on overload right now – but I was talking to Coachy about it earlier, since he is the one that got me to and through my first half AND full marathon.  His advice is:

My advice is train as hard as you can and listen close to your body. Run your half all out and be happy that you ran it all out after training hard. Time doesn’t matter. What matters is you ran it honestly and hard. Your performance in races will reflect how hard you train. I think doing this yourself, and listening less to all of us, will enable you to understand better the relationship between your performance and your races, your max level of effort before injury, and your own abilities and capabilities.

He’s right, this I know.  I need to prepare myself to run and race to the best of my own ability.  I need to listen less to the advice of every single friend I have that runs – because everyone is different, everyone’s capabilities are different, their experiences are different, and their opinions are different.
So going forward – I am going to set my own goals, paces, and training plans.  I have piles upon piles of sample plans and research that I’ve printed in the past week to consult.  It’s going to all be in pencil, that way if I feel sluggish I can slow it down, if I feel fantastic, I can speed it up.  It’s going to be 100% about how I feel as I train as hard I can and take care of my body to stay healthy and injury free.
I feel like this is a big step for me – I’ve been basically leaning almost 100% on Coachy for paces, plans, mileage, etc… since October.  That was when he first began teaching me about speedwork so I could break 30 minutes in a 5k.  Then it was half training, and more speed training, then it was full training.  He pretty much did it all but run for me.  
I’m nervous, but I know I can do it.  Now’s the time to show everybody what I’m made of. 

2 Responses to “Active Rest Week (Coming up with Future Plans)”

  1. RunBikeSurf July 16, 2011 at 7:48 pm #

    Sam, dear, you've already been showing everybody what you're made of. In spades. Regularly. In just over a year you went from a non-runner to shaving over 17 minutes off your 5K PR. Amazing! Youve run 3 halfs, and a full blown marathon IN THE MOUNTAINS! Absolutely incredible! You train hard and eat better than anyone I know. You set goals and beat them. All of them. We're already blown away. And we've all come to respect, admire and love you, not only for the runner you but also because you've become a great friend. So when you express a desire to blow through PR's on a big race (a half) so close to other big demanding races (marathons!), of course everyone comes out of the woodwork. No one wants to see you get hurt. But the bottom line is only you know you, and we've already seen that you know your limits and capabilities, and are not careless with your body and training. You also know more now about fundamentals of training than I think you give yourself credit for. So my advice above, I believe is whats best for you to become the best runner you can be. Take over. Listen close to you body and train as hard as you care to. We're all here to bounce idea's off, and of course chime in with 100 opinions, that will never change. 😉 You rock Sam, and congrats on a mind blowing year, runner girl. Cheers, Coachy.

  2. Fruit Fly July 22, 2011 at 11:43 pm #

    I'm echoing the “listen to yourself” thing. You know how I'm totally BFF's with Steve Prefontaine's sister? Yeah, I'm cool like that. ANYWAY, she and I were talking about my IT band injury and we were talking about my training and that I went so full steam and then hurt myself. I've noticed running is more fun and faster ever since I backed off and stopped worrying about what anybody else thinks of my finishing times and paces. When I just started running for ME it became a lot more fun! Sure you can kick my ass at a race any day, and happily I don't care. I'll root for you to kick my ass repeatedly, as long as you don't bruise it. I know a lot of people will run, run, run. I finally accepted that right now I am not one of those. I can't YET run a 10K without a couple short walk breaks. And that's okay. I just do the best I can.

    And, in conclusion … you are clearly doing your best and being awesome at it! So go run your races, have fun. If you get there and want to go full steam, go for it! If you want to stop and drool over some cute boys singing in a band at mile 3, well then go ahead and do it. Why not? 😉

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