With Only 4 Days to Go…

5 Jul

I thought it’d be nice to share why I am running a marathon, since I’ve been asked a few times recently.  My initial reaction is to say “Why not?” because I’m a smart ass like that, and it isn’t typically the response people are looking for.

So, why am I running a marathon? There’s a number of reasons.

First reason: To prove something to the naysayers.  Most of my life I was the opposite of athletic.  If there were options in gym class in high school that I didn’t have to change my clothes and/or sweat – I was in.  Run the mile? HAH! I was the kid that took at least 15 minutes to make the 4 laps around the track. Running was completely out of the question – I have bad knees and exercise induced asthma (which was full blown inhaler and pills every day asthma when I was much younger). I would ride my bicycle, but only because before I got my driver’s license it was my only means of personal transportation.  I’d walk the dog – but for the dog, not for me. I also weighed about 110 pounds, and ate like a horse, so I didn’t feel like I needed to exercise.  I was naive to the health benefits of exercise, I just thought it was something fat people did so that they wouldn’t be fat anymore.  Or professional athletes so that they could take home a whopping paycheck and buy fancy cars and be on MTV Cribs.

Add all of that up and fast forward to spring of 2010.  My weight was steadily increasing to levels I was unhappy with.  I know my family history – obesity, heart disease, high cholesterol, etc… I did not want to be another statistic.  So I conferred with my doctor and he introduced me to Couch to 5k. You can read my post about my One-Year Race-iversary for the rest of that history.

The idea that I was going to start running was met with some skepticism, given my history.  Welllllllllllll – if you know me then you know one thing:

Never tell me I can’t do something. I will prove you wrong.
And look at me now – four 100+ mile months in a row and two 20 mile runs under my belt.  Being doubted makes me more determined. And I have never felt healthier or stronger in my life.
Second Reason: When I started running I had no desire to run farther than 5k distance.  Then it became 10k distance.  Then I said, well I’m improving pretty well over here why not run a half-marathon? But that’s it, no further because that’s a long way to run. After running that first half-marathon in January, and really feeling incredibly great afterwards, the wheels started turning again. And I have the personality trait where I can’t be satisfied with “half-doing” anything.  It’s all or nothing. 
So I figured, if I give myself almost the rest of the year to train I can run a full marathon before I turn 30.  Hey, that’s a great life goal to have – and there you have it, I set in stone by stating my goals to friends and family “I will finish a marathon before I turn 30!”

Third Reason: A sense of accomplishment.  This is 100% for me and nobody else.  Mostly because it’s not anything I ever imagined I’d be doing.  Now, I know I can. I want to be able to say, “I ran a marathon.” And, someday I’d like to say, “I’ve run multiple marathons.” I don’t know what it feels like to say that yet – but I sure like the sounds of it. It’s also something that only a small percentage of people in this country can say they did, and that’s a statistic I want to be a part of.

At this time 5 days from now, I’ll be able to hear those words come out of my mouth, and I cannot wait.


4 Responses to “With Only 4 Days to Go…”

  1. donnamacd July 5, 2011 at 11:06 pm #

    Great post, Squeaks! With your determination, you'll accomplish all your dreams – AND THEN SOME!!

    Hugs to you, Kidlet!

  2. VERONICA July 6, 2011 at 2:19 am #

    I'm so excited for you!! Kill it sister 🙂

  3. RunCupcake July 6, 2011 at 5:45 pm #

    Thank you ladies! I had a great 2nd to last taper run today – I'm feeling it! 🙂

  4. Tricia July 6, 2011 at 10:49 pm #

    loved this! good luck and have fun

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