Marathon Practice and Fast Easy Runs (Day 40)

26 Jun
I woke up this morning with the intention of running a few easy miles to keep my legs limber for tomorrow’s final super long run before Marathon Sunday. Boy was I surprised when this is what I ended up with:

 My legs just moved today, no pain, no tweaks, nothing.  My lungs were a little peeved – but I told them to shut up and deal with it, they need to get better.

No food today – not that I didn’t eat, that’d be weird, I just didn’t photograph it – way too many other things going on.  I will say I was mostly well behaved today – I did have some ice cream (yeah, well, it’s summer – and it’s ice cream) and I did have a piece of banana bread that was probably pretty unhealthy.  The rest was good though, and no worries, still plenty of carbs for tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Marathon Simulation #2 – Except this time it’s REALLY the marathon simulation. I’m testing out my marathon outfit, chosen fuel, everything.  I am even taking the hillier half of the route first, and the flatter half second – just like Marathon Sunday.  (Although in all reality Marathon Sunday is 16 miles of UP and 10 down – but this is the best I could do).

Marathon Outfit Test (I’ve worn all of these items before, but the only one I’ve worn on a 20-miler is the shirt and socks).  I wanted to wear my running skirt, but it’s black, and it’s a race in July.  Not a good idea.

Pretty and summery!
Asics Women’s Core Singlet in Orange Peel – I own two of these singlets.  There is no built in bra (I don’t like those), it’s just a light weight, breathable, loose fitting top.  I don’t care to run in anything but these two singlets when it’s hot out.
Asics Women’s 3″ Split Shorts (Yes, the singlet and the shorts do make up a suggested outfit).  You can’t tell from the pic, but the split on these shorts is 3″ (hence the name…duh).  It makes them SUPER awesome for running in. 
You can kinda see the split in the shorts in this pic of me where I look frighteningly jacked.   (And yes, pink is a major part of my life.  I own more pink than should be allowed in any one person’s wardrobe – both running clothes and regular clothes).  During this race an old man running by me said, “Pink compression socks, sweeeeeeeeeeeeet.” Yah, I got passed by an old man, but in my defense I was pacing a friend who runs slower than me.
Lucky socks.  These were a gift from Coachy.  I wear them as often as possible (you can probably tell).  Thorlo experia really are great running socks, I need more.  My birthday is soon, wink wink, nudge nudge. New running socks make great 30 y/o birthday presents. hehehe.
New Kinvara 2’s – I’ve worn them for speed, now I’m going long…write up on them later this week.  I almost want to say I like the color schemed on these better than my bright pink Kinvara’s… ALMOST.
All the rest of my gear – minus my fuel belt and Garmin.  Two gels (one for the start, one at 10 miles, Gu chomps and sport beans).  That’s approximately 4 hours worth of fuel, on top of breakfast.  I should be good. 

I’m ready! The only thing I’m not ready for is my 5 a.m. wake up call – but if I’m going to be running for 4 hours, I’d rather it be while it’s 61 degrees and the temp is rising, rather than 71 and the temp rising.

I just noticed my Garmin is missing from that picture – I don’t leave home to run without it!

Is anyone else this anal retentive about getting their stuff together the night before a big long run?


One Response to “Marathon Practice and Fast Easy Runs (Day 40)”

  1. Fruit Fly July 12, 2011 at 11:27 pm #

    I have my adidas bag that everything running goes into. My Garmin, water bottle, socks, underwear, The Stick, Arctic Ease, fuel belt … everything. If it is a race that requires and overnight visit, which all of mine have this year, the running stuff stays totally separate from my suitcase. This way I know in the morning I just have a one stop shop!

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