Start of the Two Week Countdown (Day 38)

24 Jun

Two weeks from now I’ll be packing and planning for the big day (okay, I’ll probably be 90% packed, and I’ll be unpacking, and reorganizing, and rearranging, and second guessing, and making sure I have everything…).  I actually should start a list – I’ve traveled out of state to run races twice now, but they were half marathons.  A full marathon is FULLY a BIG FREAKIN DEAL. Plus, I’m not flying this time, so I’m packing plenty of food/snacks/beverages, to last me and Coachy the whole weekend.  We must stay hydrated between Friday night and Sunday morning – and carbed up, of course.

For today’s workout I decided to kinda take it easy on my legs.  This week is my first full week of training in 3 weeks, and last night was my first quality speed workout in much, much longer (think, April).  I had planned 40 miles for this week – Coachy was concerned with the toll this would take on my legs since I haven’t been full time training.  So, I opted for the stationery bike tonight instead.  I rode 16.7 miles in an hour, with the hills setting on Level 10.  WHAT A WORKOUT! It definitely tested my quads and hamstrings tonight, and gave my calves a break. Plus, I read 8 chapters in the book I’m currently reading:

I am really enjoying it so far.  If you are a runner and you haven’t read “Once a Runner” (“Again to Carthage” is the sequel) – I highly recommend it, you will not be disappointed.

So, how did I make out in the food department today?  Well, well, well… last night’s workout RAMPED my metabolism.  I was hungry ALL DAY LONG. I did manage to contain myself and not eat everything in sight (times like this having the emergency snack drawer is notsuchagoodidea). I drank a TON of water today – it does actually kinda sorta help when you feel like you could eat your arm, your stapler, maybe even your computer.

I started the day with a Carnation Instant breakfast/banana blend:

I consumed a peach chobani within minutes of walking in the door to my office:
I could eat Chobani every day – oh wait, I do.
That lasted til 10. I managed to hold off until 10:30 but my belly was screaming, and the water wasn’t cutting it.  Enter:
Am I torturing myself by looking at this beautiful tropical scene every day while I’m at work?

Mid-morning snack on the mouse pad that reminds me every day of where I’d rather be.  This is a great granola bar because it tastes so indulgent, but it’s not!

Hungry again by 11:30 – WTF?! SERIOUSLY? I love my speed intervals, but sheesh, this is ridiculous! I calmed the belly monster with water until noon. But then I just HAD to eat my lunch.

Ham & cheese wrap, baby carrots w/sour cream to dip them in
I’m excited – my food pictures are finally looking pretty! What’s in there? Ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and MUSTARD!

I threw in a handful of those Quattro Formaggio Triscuits too.

And then…


Then the hunger started again…around 3ish though, so that’s not bad.  I finished off the cherries (finally – I ate an entire bag of cherries by myself, I am honestly sick of them for a while.).
Then I realized – I’M GOING TO THE GYM! I can’t workout off of a bunch of cherries.  Into the emergency snack drawer I went, and what did I come out with? 
90 Calories of pure deliciousness

The best 90-100 calorie pack snack I HAVE EVER HAD.  The carb count told me it was good enough to fuel me through a workout, and it worked.  But I was starving when I got home.

And why do I really loathe going to the gym at night more than anything? Because then I have to cook myself dinner.  Ugh.  I decided on breakfast for dinner – quick, easy, and full of the essential nutrients I need to refuel after a hard workout.

Yummy egg scramble complete with peppers, broccoli, cheese, and salsa

And it’s pretty to boot.

I am thoroughly exhausted and completely looking forward to my rest day tomorrow.  Not only does it mean rest from exercise, but I get to sleep in.

And tonight I do have a question for you…

Marathon Weekend is around the corner – I need a road trip playlist.  It’s a 250 mile drive. What are your favorite songs to drive to? And, what are your favorite road trip snacks? 


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