I’m Feeling It (Day 28)

14 Jun

The 20 miles I ran yesterday, that is.

First of all:

Did I really run 20 miles yesterday?


Last year at this time, I couldn’t fathom running 4 miles. I also couldn’t run a sub 30-minute 5k (Which I accomplished in December – then blew that out of the water with back to back 5k PR’s in March). 
This morning I was afraid to get out of bed. My body didn’t hurt while I was laying all cozy in my bed.  I managed to drag myself out of bed (about 15 minutes late), and make my way downstairs.  
Stairs are a tad painful on the shins/calves – but other than that the legs feel pretty damn good! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!
I had big plans – BIG plans – to workout tonight. I was going to do 6-Week 6- Pack AND Yoga Meltdown.  I was that excited about how my legs felt earlier today.
Then I had to work all day.
Then I had to run errands.
And then all those BIG workout plans ended up squashed like the spider I killed on the wall at work today.
Dead and gone.
If you’ve ever run a 20-miler or longer – you know exactly where I’m coming from.  I’m even going to bed early tonight I’m so beat.
On another note…
My training plan has been tweaked because I feel so good (aside from zzzzzzzz tired) after that 20-miler.  I get to do it all over again this weekend! (sense the sarcasm…)
Coachy wants me to try again, and this time he wants me to try to improve from yesterday’s run. SAY WHAT???? But you told me I only have to run ONE twenty miler! Does the fact that the side of the road was looking as comfy as my bed around mile 16 mean anything to you?! I was seriously considering laying on the side of the road! If it weren’t for the wet, icky grass/mud I probably would have.
Well apparently these things happen during long runs and because I’m not dying of soreness or pain or any other affliction today I’m strong enough to do it all over again. 
So now here’s the goal:  Do it faster! With less walking! On the same route! I guess if I can do that then I’m really am good to go for Mad Marathon. 
I was going to run recovery in the morning because it was supposed to rain…but the chances of rain throughout the day are so low, I’ll just do it tomorrow night – the more sleep I can get the better.  I’m off to sleepyland.

One Response to “I’m Feeling It (Day 28)”

  1. Tricia June 14, 2011 at 8:32 pm #

    woot! congrats on 20

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