Getting Back Into It (Day 22)

8 Jun

Sheesh, I actually have been so out of it I had to count my days to figure out where I am!

After being told to treat what’s ailing me with OTC allergy meds – I cleared myself to run.

I thought getting ready to run in the winter is a PITA? Summer is just as big of a PITA.  Gotta get dressed, slather on half a bottle of sunscreen, wash my face of my makeup from the day so I can put sunscreen on my face, find my Camelbak, fill my camelbak…ayeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I’m sure I’ll get it down to a science, this just happens to be the sunniest, hottest, weekday run I’ve had yet this year.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand… I’m off.  Wow, my legs feel great! I was keeping a sub 10-minute mile pace for about the first half mile or so, when I started to climb.

Let me back up for a second… today I transferred the Mad Marathon  course onto Mapmyrun.  As pretty and fun as their course map is – I wanted a better idea of the elevation changes.  Don’t ask why I wanted to know, all it did was freak me out! Look at this craziness:

Did I sign up for a marathon or a mountain climbing expedition? I mean, I might as well be doing this: 
This was an actual mountain hike…
Okay I know, a tad dramatic (but I do see the similarities…hehehe)…I run hills, often, but the one time I tried something like that, I quit after 7 miles!  And it turns out that was only 576 feet of elevation gain…oh boy. Yes, I am officially
Okay so back to my run – legs feel good, heart rate feels good, and I’m pushing myself to power up this hill and keep a somewhat decent pace, after all this hill is completely wimpy compared to them there Vermont mountains hills.  I found it strange that my throat and mouth were ridiculously dry.  I’m well hydrated – once I finish my morning coffee I drink nothing but water for the rest of the work day. So why am I SO DRY? It’s hot out, that could be it? No, no, I’m not even sweating yet, that can’t be it either. Oh, duh, I’ve got it – I’m taking a decongestant for these damn allergies! I wasn’t going to let it slow me down so I chugged along keeping a steadyish pace until I hit two miles.  I just couldn’t breathe. I finished out the next half mile a lot slower than I had started off, then I just quit running altogether.  
I’m not going to let it discourage me or get me down. I am learning what I can and cannot do as a runner.  Lesson learned today: decongestants and running don’t mix.  Gotcha, won’t do that again.
Lets see what tomorrow brings!

One Response to “Getting Back Into It (Day 22)”

  1. Fruit Fly June 14, 2011 at 11:46 pm #

    Um…. no thanks! That hill is more than a hill!! I find I always sign up for a run just based on the fact that it has a medal or sounds cool. Then AFTER I've paid I see crazy elevation charts for the course that just terrorize me. … but I always survive. You will too!

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