Another Missed Workout (Day 16)

2 Jun

Ugh ugh… yes, I’m disappointed in myself. I’m full of excuses – I’ll keep it short.

Tornado watch in RI = Mass chaos.  It took an hour to get home. Then it was raining. Blah blah blah – I could have gone to the gym (what do I pay for it for?) but I didn’t want to put my baby Lexi in the crate again after she’s been in it all day – and the thunder was scaring her.

See – excuses.

I am failing miserably at Mini-Goal #1.  I’ve only done the Six Week Six Pack Video once since I said I’d do it every week. Ooopsy.  I think I need a good booty kicking!

I am, however, really doing well with Mini-Goal #2 (aside from a couple of mishaps this weekend – but hey, it was a holiday weekend!).

Seriously good…seriously.

For example, I had this gorgeous salad for lunch today:
 I had leftover half of a ribeye  that I absolutely could not let go to waste.  So I threw together some torn romaine, chopped cuke, radishes, tomatoes, and red onions, along with croutons and some bleu cheese dressing.  I ate every.last.bite.  It was AWESOME!

Then tonight I was going to make this awesome Greek turkey burger recipe that I found, but my feta was bad and it was raining.  I came up with this kinda creative, but beautifully colorful dinner on the spot! What I didn’t come up with was a creative name – so it is an unnamed delicious dinner.

Along with dinner I started working on Mini-Goal #3 – Start taking better blog pics (that’s a pretty damn good salad pic ifidosaysomyself).

I was so impressed with my own chopping ability (but I do think I need a steadier hand when using the food setting on my camera – they did come out a tad blurry):

Pretty, no?
I took that beautiful pile of veggies and mixed it in with some ground turkey, garlic, Italian seasoning, and season salt (still a little blurry – I’m going to have to figure this one out): 
I cooked up some Gemelli pasta and mixed in some Barilla Basilico – Tomato Basil Sauce.  I normally like to make my own sauce – but I was out, and haven’t had a chance to make more.
End product: 
It was delicious! And healthy! And – there’s enough left for a small lunch with a side salad tomorrow.
And, I’m going to attempt to force myself to get back into my workouts tomorrow.  Preferably a run – lets home mother nature and my sinuses (yes, they’re still bugging me too) cooperate.
Fingers crossed!!!! Only 38 days left til Marathon Sunday! (The rest of this week, 4 full weeks, then taper week – IT’S ALMOST HERE!)

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