Valuable Lesson Learned (Day 15)

1 Jun

Lesson of the weekend.  Do not:

  • Run 18 Miles
  • Go out to dinner/casino and stay out til 1:30 a.m. (without a nap or proper rest)
  • Get up at 7 a.m. to run a 5k
  • Spend all day in the sun (again, without a nap or proper rest)
  • Party again at a BBQ til at least 12:30 a.m.
  • Most importantly: Expect to feel well after all of the above.
What a crazy weekend I had.  It was a blast – got to see great friends I don’t see often enough more than once over the weekend, saw family I don’t see enough, and just let loose and had a great time.
But…by last night, I was a hurtin’ unit. After taking Lexi for a walk I came home to retreat to the couch, only to find myself with a sinus headache and a sore throat. “Where did this suddenly come from?” I thought to myself.  Figuring I was just beat down from the weekend I went to bed early.
Now I have a confession to make:
I blew off my workout yesterday because I just didn’t feel like it (I KNOW! I KNOW! I was supposed to do core – more specifically 6-week 6-pack, then whatever else to make up an hour).  OOPSY! So, I’m kinda mad at myself for that…especially because…


The stupid sore throat and headache are still here.  I was supposed to run tonight – I couldn’t.  It hurts to walk – and I actually don’t mean my legs this time, I mean my head!! I know it sounds like I’m complaining – maybe I am a little.  More, I’m just disappointed in myself for running myself ragged.
On a positive note – since that was a lot of ranting and complaining:
For everything!
Here are the stats:
I ran: 113.74 miles
I cross trained (yoga mostly): 4 hours and 35 minutes
I strength trained: 2 hours and 25 minutes

It’s all definitely paying off – I just realized I did not have a backache after running 18 miles.  That is LITERALLY my first long run without back pain. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!

Early to bed tonight – tomorrow is National Running Day! I have to run tomorrow, which means, I have to feel better! 

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