Finally a Good Run (Day 11)

27 May

Mr. UPS Man delivered my new shoes today! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Now I’m not afraid to run anymore! The shoes I bought are the Asics Gel Tarther Diva in white and pink (naturally).  I wanted a lightweight shoe that wasn’t a minimalist shoe – I’m still going to be buying my Kinvara 2’s, but those are considered minimalist due to a 4mm heel to toe drop.

I was just poking around Running Warehouse (which I am TOTALLY addicted to BTW) when I came across these babies.  They are a simple, no bells and whistles, lightweight trainer.  PERFECT!

I went out for a simple slow run, to get the blood flowing and feel out the shoes.  Everything went great! So excited! I was really starting to feel down about how my training has been going lately – between the weather and shoe problems – hopefully I can get a really good 18 in on Saturday to help rebuild my confidence!

And in keeping with the what you eat/drink/sleep/do two days before a long is more important than the day before I prepared myself a beautiful dinner:

Yes, I’m in love with the settings on my camera now that I figured it out.  Beautiful tho, right?

*Disclaimer: I did not eat that whole steak.  My mother would have, with a salad and nothing else. I needed the carbs in the potato.

Tomorrow’s my regularly scheduled workout day off – in anticipation of a hopefully successful 18 on Saturday.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!


One Response to “Finally a Good Run (Day 11)”

  1. Fruit Fly May 27, 2011 at 10:52 pm #

    Running Warehouse – I forgot about that site! Your potato looks yummy.

    Have a great 18!

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