Reviews Galore! (Day 9)

26 May

I tried three new things today yesterday (this was supposed to be written last night – I was too tired…) – one edible, one drinkable, and one wearable.  I’ll tell you about them in order from worst to best.

#3) FRS Wild Berry Energy Drink. Coachy told me to like FRS on Facebook because for $3.95 you get this wonderful sample pack of their different products. Cool – I’ll take it! 

Since I was going to run I decided to try it and see if it really gave me great energy.  First of all – the can very specifically says “Non-carbonated, shake well”. So, I did. Well I’ll be damned if the can didn’t spit all over me when I opened it. First impression: It smells like vitamins. That’s a HUGE turn off – I hate vitamins, I hate the way they smell, I hate how if you don’t take them with enough water you feel like you’re going to vomit because they are so disgusting.  

I took a sip anyway. EWWWW It tastes like vitamins too! After I got over the initial shock of the first sip, I went in for another sip. Still disgusting – sorry FRS.  I’m sure plenty of people like it, but it’s not for this girl.  I’ll still try the rest of the stuff in the sample pack and keep you posted on my thoughts.

#2) Zone Perfect Sweet & Salty Bar – Cashew Pretzel Flavor: If you like Zone Perfect on Facebook you can get one of these bars for free. 

It looks good. The flavor is intriguing, and I simply love the idea of sweet/salty combos (Peanut M&Ms are one of my HUGEST weaknesses). My expectation on the texture is that it would be crunchy, until I opened it.  I could tell just by looking at it that it would be a chewy bar, but it was a bit too chewy.  There wasn’t really any crunch, not even the pretzels.  I found that odd…

The flavor was good – but not what I expected out of a bar labeled “sweet AND salty”.  It was mostly sweet.  I couldn’t taste the salty much at all – again I found this odd since there were big pretzel pieces in the bar.  It was a little too sweet to be honest.

All in all – I’d give this bar a 2 1/2 out of 5.  I’d eat one again if it were free but you won’t catch me scanning the shelves of my local grocery store to buy one. 

Now for my #1 Review: A couple of weeks ago I discovered (I may be way behind the 8-ball on this one) Schwaggle by  There was a GREAT deal on the Kick Start Skirt by Skirt Sports. Naturally being the girly-girl that I am (and the fact that there’s pink undershorts) I bought one. I wasn’t sure what size to get and since I was ordering from work I didn’t have the ability to measure my hips and waist (No, I don’t know my measurements – do people really know this stuff????).  I went with my average size – they do have a listing on their size chart for women’s USA sizes.  Now I know women’s pants sizes vary (ridiculous how I can wear a 4 from one store and an 8 from another…I’ll never understand) so I went with an average.  Props to Skirt Sports – their USA sizes are absolutely perfect. The skirt fits beautifully. I feared the shorts might be tight due to my “muscular” thighs (hehe) – nope, they fit perfect.  And, it doesn’t sit too high on my waist (I hate high waisted ANYTHING – the lower the better). 

I didn’t realize when I bought the skirt that it had this nifty little pocket on the shorts on the right leg.  Cool, right? Absolutely – my phone fit in it perfectly! The slit in the skirt is high enough too that I could put my iPod in there and the headphone cable won’t get all hung up on the skirt (I think that’s what the pocket is designed for? Or maybe for gels? Who knows – you can use it for whatever your little heart desires I suppose). 

I took off for my run – I ran a little over 3 miles without a problem.  I was warned by friend (and fellow blogger – check her out here: Little Fruit Fly in Rainbow Colored Socks) to wear the skirt on a shorter run before a long run, to test it out, in case of chafing.  I did feel a teeny bit of what felt like it could be chafe where my phone was, my guess is that little pocket isn’t designed for a giant smart phone. Other than that I LOVE THIS SKIRT! This will definitely be my go to bottoms for long runs and races, it’s so comfortable – and cute!

And yeah, I did run tonight.  It looked good on paper (or computer screen) but it didn’t feel good.  At least I did it.


2 Responses to “Reviews Galore! (Day 9)”

  1. Fruit Fly May 27, 2011 at 11:04 pm #

    I'm glad you liked the skirt! I think, as simple as it is in style, it is one of my favorites. I love the flirty little flash of pink that it gives you on the side!

    Now, when you end up getting more skirts from SkirtSports you'll see they have pockets on BOTH sides (I think this is the only model that doesn't)! And they have a hole in the back for your headphones cord to go through. They are seriously great skirts!

  2. RunCupcake May 28, 2011 at 11:29 am #

    I will definitely be getting more skirts from them! I couldn't believe the comfort! Love the idea of the ipod pocket in the skirt with the hole for the headphones!

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