If I Ever Complain My Legs Hurt Again (Day 10)

26 May

Just tell me to do P90X X-Stretch, okay? 


Just do it.

My legs have been killing me, I haven’t had a good run in 10 days (between the weather and my legs) and I’ve been getting down/frustrated and not thinking straight about it. 

I’m waiting for my new shoes to arrive (tomorrow) so I can hopefully run again. Yes, I am still blaming the bad parts of Sunday’s run on my shoes.  Running is out of the question until I get decent shoes – I don’t want another frustrating, annoying, painful, blistery, run.

P90X X-Stretch it was.  I LOVE that DVD.  My legs feel brand new again. Lesson learned.  Please, just hold me to it next time I bitch about my legs.

On a cool note – I figured out the macro settings on my camera.


And just because I was having fun (I should really eat these bananas):

That weird pasta looking stuff? Pumpkin cheese sauce…sounds weird right? It was delicious. I’m a pumpkin lover so I’ll try anything with pumpkin in it…It’s a Hungry Girl recipe – I did modify it, so if anyone is actually interested let me know and I’ll post it.

That’s it for today – nothing exciting.  Goodnight all.


One Response to “If I Ever Complain My Legs Hurt Again (Day 10)”

  1. Fruit Fly May 27, 2011 at 10:53 pm #

    Your blog makes me hungry! 😉

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