When Training Doesn’t Go As Planned (Day 7 & Weekend Recap)

23 May

Where do I begin? I realized I have been so busy I haven’t posted since Thursday! 

So weekend recap:

Friday (Day 5)

Nothing exciting happened on Friday.  Given it was two days before my planned 18 miler I took it easy. Friday is my usual “day of rest” anyway – a girl’s gotta have one day off, and what better day than Friday? Right? Right! So, I don’t know where or why I heard this, but apparently the amount of fuel/sleep/etc… you get two days before a big run/race is more important than the day before (this can be proven given my choice of dinner and amount of sleep before my last half). I have never been and I will never be one to turn down the “suggestion” to ingest extra carbs. I finally finished off the last of my pizza and mac and cheese I made earlier in the week for lunch…then after a long shopping trip on the mad hunt for running fuel and puppy goodies, I finally made it home! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! I quickly prepared myself this beautiful dinner in order to continue my carbarific day:

Toasted whole wheat hamburger bun and elbows with garden veggie sauce and shredded cheese – yum yum!
Literally my excitement for Friday was carbs LOL – I do love being a runner, I never would have gotten away with eating like this before!

Saturday (Day 6)

Not a regularly scheduled workout day off – but too many things on my plate caused me to skip anyway.  At least I mowed the lawn and weed whacked, that’s a workout! I got a whole lot of not exciting things done around the house before my bro came over.  We hung out for a while and had a delicious lo mein that he cooked for me! Such a nice boy.  The excitement came when we went to pick up my new little baby:
Isn’t she adorable?! Her name is Lexi and I just rescued her.  So between household chores, errands, and A PUPPY! I didn’t get my workout in. Such is life…I had planned an easy 4-5 mile run, which didn’t happen, part of why training doesn’t always go as planned!

Sunday (Day 7)

I got up early, I got fueled, and I was ready.  18 miles on the agenda today. I had my route mapped and I was stoked and ready to go.  My shopping trip on Friday included a trip to REI to stock up on fuel:

I fueled up with my usual whole wheat toast/peanut butter/banana/honey combo, then ate the Gu Roctane right before I left.  I carried the Gu Chomps and another Gu gel with me, as well as all my fuel belt bottles – two with Gatorade, two with water.  It wasn’t that hot out today, but it was humid and I figured I need to get used to the fuel belt (I really don’t like it – I don’t like running with anymore on my body than I need, it’s annoying). And I’m off – the miles ticked by nicely. I was happy and feeling good. Around Mile 8 my Garmin decided it wasn’t feeling well. It said I was running at a 10:50 pace, which was slower than my planned pace, so I pushed, and pushed, and PUSHED some more…it wasn’t budging.  I felt like I was pushing too hard but before I knew it the mile was over and I had run it in 10:18. Well, wtf, that’s good, only a tad faster than my intended training pace…why did I feel like I was really PUSHING? Seriously Garmin? An 18-miler is NOT when I expect you to have pace calculation hiccups, okay? Then I forgot the bike path goes gradually uphill to the point where I was supposed to turn around – so, not wanting to kill myself with 10 miles to go, that slowed me down. Okay, okay, I’m still feeling good, I reach 9 miles, turn around and start heading home.

At this point I’m mentally in the game – I had been breaking the run down into more digestable pieces along the way.  4 1/2 miles was halfway to halfway, then 6 miles I was 1/3 of the way there, then 9 miles for the halfway point, my next goal is 12 miles which is the 2/3 point.  I stopped at 9.25 miles to stretch out a bit, have a gel, and finish my second bottle of fluids.  Things are still feeling decent.  By the time I hit mile 10 I could feel that painful/burning sensation in the arches of my feet that symbolizes nothing other than BLISTERS.   AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I HAVE 8 MILES TO GO YOU HAVE GOT TO ME !@#$$%^&*()_)(*&^^%# KIDDING ME! Yah, it was that bad.  

I found a bench.
I sat down.
I methodically pulled off each shoe only to realize that my feet are so hot (it’s def the shoes – it was only 56 degrees out today) that my sweat soaked socks are STUCK to them.  And I mean STUCK. Nasty.
I put my shoes back on.
I get to running again.

Mile 11.
Oh my freakin god you HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. 
Tears (yes it hurt THAT BAD).
I try to push through.
Nope, not happening.
Crap – what am I going to do?
Well…the shoes are the problem because they’re making my feet too hot but I can’t run 7 more miles with no shoes on.  Yeah, some people do it. I’m not one of those people.

What is that you ask? Aside from legs BADLY in need of a tan? That’s me without socks. Why no socks you ask? (You’re probably not asking any of these questions…). Well I had to do something.  It helped, for a bit.  Finally I realized – trying to run through this pain, with no socks, is really screwing up my running form.  My knees started to ache, my legs were tired, and by now my awesome mental state has turned to complete shit. Yes, it stunk.

Screw this.
I’m walking.
I cried more (yah – really, it was so frustrating – and my legs hurt – and I was tired, worn out, pissed off, name it, I was feeling it.)

I walked 4.19 miles home, each mile became progressively more painful. 

See? Ugly huh? Mile 13 I was going to give up.  I called my brother. As fate would have it he didn’t answer. By the time he called me back I was only about  one million and a half 1.5 miles from home by then.

So I told him nevermind and I trudged along.  Then I cried some more (no, no, no, I’m not trying to make anyone feel bad for me, it just SUCKED THAT BAD). I thought about calling my bro again, by now, I’m about a mile from home.  That last half mile felt like an eternity (and a 10 minute half mile when I can run a mile or more in that time – IS an eternity). Even when I was in my neighborhood it still felt like a lifetime before I made it home.


I FINALLY MADE IT – Oh sweet relief!

I could hardly stretch when I got home but I forced it, hopefully I feel good in the a.m. I’m not sure, just the time I’ve been sitting here typing I have stiffened up, time to stretch again before bed.

New shoes are on the agenda for this week. I’m going to buy two pairs and experiment with them both over the next two long runs so I can decide on my marathon shoes and get them broken in.

One thing I will not do:


Nope, I can’t – I want to run marathons. I need to be mentally and physically strong.  Some days, the road wins, and you just have to move on.

One Response to “When Training Doesn’t Go As Planned (Day 7 & Weekend Recap)”

  1. Read/Write/Run May 23, 2011 at 3:13 am #

    Hey CCRunner,

    That's the attitude to have! Sometimes things just go wrong. But you learn from it.

    I'm wondering if perhaps your feet are a little wider than the shoes you were wearing. You mentioned blisters in the arches. That's one possible reason. I suggest you go to a running store and get measured. This could be a quick fix.

    Your strategy to sort things out is right on in my opinion. You want to find what works for you and stick with it on race day. One thing I do to break in new shoes is to wear them around the house or on errands. I usually try to find a pair of shoes that work for me and then go out and buy a second pair. I hope this helps.

    If you get a chance, stop by my blog and say hello. Maybe there's something in one of my posts that can help you.


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