Feel the Burn (Day 4)

20 May

I’ve been to the gym three times in the past week thanks to Mother Nature’s glorious stunts. It was raining again when I left work this afternoon but I couldn’t bear the thought of the gym again.  So, I rearranged this weeks training plan. That’s why it’s called a “plan” and not a PLAN

Yoga instead of recovery run tonight. This yoga workout definitely works AS GOOD AS a recovery run.  This is the Exercise TV Yoga Works Body Slim DVD. Its  claim to fame:

“YogaWorks Body Slim is an active series of yoga postures that flow together to build long, lean muscles, improves you flexibility and make you drip with sweat. This powerful 2-in-1 practice will increase your energy while sculpting and strengthening your body. Increase your upper-body and lower-body strength, improve your focus and balance, and raise your energy level. “

This video is NO JOKE.  Yoga core to warm up, a hard core cardio yoga routine (as in dripping sweat and out of breath),  followed by a “slow burn” routine.  My muscles were shaking less than 5 minutes into this video (it’s 50 minutes long). Two more cardio yoga and two more slow burns after the first round.  And a cool down, phew did I need that. HOLY HELL.  I LOVED IT!

I’d like to say I’m almost through week one, but the hardest part is Sunday when I run 18 miles for the first time.

Meanwhile I’ve been busy working on Mini-Goal #2.  I’ve found if you break things down into mini-goals, rather than huge changes or resolutions, they work a lot better.  Take it a week, a day, or even a minute at a time. 

So what is mini-goal #2?  Get a firm grip on my eating habits.  I eat fairly healthy, but I have a GINORMOUS sweet tooth, combined with an undying love for kettle cooked salt & vinegar potato chips, and then of course there’s my spring/summertime weakness…Dunkin’ Donuts iced mocha coffee, which wouldn’t be so bad, if it weren’t for the cream they use.

I pretty much gave up ALL of that stuff before I took up running. It was the only way I could control my weight back then. When I started training in December for my first half, the pounds just melted off, it was amazing. Then came the trouble – I started to get the attitude, “Oh, I’m going to run tonight, I can eat that…(fill in the blanks)” Well, again, training for a marathon not only requires physical training, but proper nutrition!

Normally I wouldn’t even think of attempting to start working at two mini-goals in the same week, but workout/eating habits go hand in hand. For me, that’s just a recipe for disaster. I’m good for setting goals/resolutions, allowing myself a minor failure (like a missed workout or a poor meal choice) and just quitting altogether. I think I’ve figured myself out: 

Set one LARGE goal. Then work on the mini-goals necessary to accomplish that large goal. Especially when that large goal requires you to plunk down large amounts of cash (aka registering for a marathon).

This year’s goal is to run a marathon before I turn 30 – hence the reason I’m sitting on my couch at 10 at night writing this.

So far so good on BOTH mini-goals this week.  I’ve worked out 5 days in a row, and only had one slip in the food department (a snack size bag of salt & vinegar chips LOL). 

This week I made some really great meals for myself – the best part, foods that you’d normally consider junk food just made over! Pizza, mac and cheese, sausage (chicken sausage), etc…
Awesome, right? The pizza is LOADED with turkey sausage, broccoli, and black olives on a whole wheat Boboli crust. And that mac and cheese? Thanks Food Network for this FABULOUS recipe.  I used sharp cheddar in mine.  It was DELICIOUS. 

I think mini-goal #3 may be “Get better at taking blog photos”. I do have a really nice camera, and my lazy butt used my cell phone camera because it was convenient.  

Right now I’m grateful for a weekend without many plans.  Perhaps I’ll bake.  I do have a healthified chocolate chip cookie recipe (which is a big hit with friends and family). Or maybe cupcakes…any cupcake recipe suggestions?


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