Day 2

18 May

SUCCESS! I may be screaming in agony as I crawl out of bed tomorrow, but right now I’m celebrating. I successfully completed Day 2 of what I have dubbed my “Super Ass-Kicking First Marathon Plan”. (I just came up with that…just now…pretty good huh?).

As I mentioned earlier today I had a gym date with mommy. After a couple of minutes of trying to find two treadmills together there was success! I only ran 3 miles in 35 minutes (more on that in a minute) but I mixed it up with some regular running, hills on level 10, and an 8:00 minute mile sprint to the finish, followed by the typical treadmill cooldown.

So, why did I only run 3 miles in 35 minutes? That damn calf of mine is still tweaking out.  But, I have figured it out.  It’s time to retire the Kinvara’s (insert extremely sad weepy face here). They have 328 miles on them, most of them fast miles (not sure if that really matters) because the Kinvara’s are my go to speed shoe (hehe I rhymed). I noticed when I was putting them on tonight that they seem sloppy around the ankle area, which forces me to tie them tighter, which I think is what’s doing the damage to my leg. 

Beautifully obnoxious

Here’s the worst part – Saucony came out with a Kinvara 2 and none of them are near obnoxious enough for my liking. But I am IN LOVE with the Kinvara.  My pink ones are on closeout, not in my size.  I’m struggling with this dilemma, and this other HUGE dilemma:

Nevermind. I just went onto Running Warehouse and saw the latest Kinvara 2 colors.  I have found my next pair. 

Not quite as obnoxious as the originals – but THE LACES ARE PINK! And that’s a really pretty shade of blue. Amazing how I can solve a dilemma all while blabbing on about my favorite shoes.  

The rest of our workout went off without a hitch, once mom figured out how to use the leg press machine.  That was pretty amusing.

  • 50 Leg presses @110 pounds
  • 25 calf raises with 30 added pounds (I did some yesterday too)
  • Not sure how many squats with 10 extra pounds but my quads were screaming ENOUGH ALREADY
  • Walking lunges from one end of the gym to the other with 15 added pounds
  • Lots of stretching.  And laughing at mom.  I’m glad I’m flexible.
I may be crying tomorrow, but I feel good now. 

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