Something to look forward to…

17 May

Yesterday I put it out there for all my friends and family to see:

Facebook status update: I will not let the fact that it’s supposed to rain for the next 9 days bring me down – or interfere with my training. 54 Days!” (Yesterday at 8:50 a.m.)


Minor panic attack over…I am really TRULY running a marathon in 26 days. O.M.G. (26 days? I think I was going to write I’m running 26 miles in 54 days…HAH!).

This week is the week I decided I need to give every workout my all.  I need to strengthen my core AND my legs. I need to balance that with upper body workouts and yoga. And most importantly – I NEED TO FINISH EACH AND EVERY SINGLE SCHEDULED LONG RUN. (It’s being drilled into my head, literally, on a daily basis…by a dear friend who I’ll call Coachy from now on )

I was going to run yesterday but I had errands to take care of right after work, that I wouldn’t have been able to do after leaving the gym (it was 48 and raining out).  I didn’t want to blow my first day of my hard-core training already! I know my #1 weakness, so I decided to work on it with this:

I DO NOT do this video often enough.  I firmly believe that it’s my subconscious telling me not to do it – it’s HARD. I can’t even get good enough at Level 1 to move onto Level 2.  

MINI-GOAL #1: Implement this video once a week.  She never actually says at any point during the workout how many times per week you’re suppose to do this to get that 6-pack in 6-weeks, but judging by how I feel right now, I’m thinking one is enough. 

I wanted to work out for an hour (I was only going to do the video…but Coachy called me a pamby, well WE CAN’T BE HAVING THAT) so I continued after the crazy lady beat my abs up with more ab work: 50 table top crunches, a 42-second plank (I guess that’s my record, I’ve never timed myself before), and enough other miscellaneous ab work plus a few minutes of stretching to make up the hour. I’m happy – Day 1 of kicking my own ass in the workout department complete!

Tonight I have to go to the gym (ick) but I’m actually looking forward to it because I have a workout partner: my mommy! Knowing I have someone to work out with actually makes me look forward to, rather than dread, going to the gym.  On tap for tonight: leg torture strengthening. I’m hoping I can get the treadmill to play nice for 1/2 hour – then onto exercises to help keep my legs happy (squats, lunges, etc…more stuff recommended by Coachy, to help keep my knees and calves strong and help prevent injury).  

I am really motivated to keep this workout routine up – partly because I know I’ll be HUGELY pleased with the results, and partly because I just shared it with anyone who reads this blog, so now I kinda have to stick with it.

Hope everyone has a great afternoon!

3 Responses to “Something to look forward to…”

  1. VERONICA May 17, 2011 at 8:10 pm #

    Here's an unsolicited plank exercise tip: hold plank position on hands or elbows, whichever you prefer, for 2 minutes. Release, wait 30 or so seconds, and go back up for 90 seconds. Release. Go back up one more time for 1 minute. Release. Cry if necessary 🙂 I find this one easier to do if someone else is timing me, and I'm not looking at the seconds tick by. Do this as part of your regular abs workout. It's very effective!

  2. Fruit Fly May 17, 2011 at 8:32 pm #

    Good luck with all of your hard work ahead of you! I'm hoping you rub off on me and I'll stop being a lazy ass!

  3. RunCupcake May 17, 2011 at 8:35 pm #

    @Veronica – YIKES…That sounds scary. Crying may definitely be necessary.

    @FruitFly – You're not lazy!!!! You run as many races as I do silly girl!

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