My First 15 (And …CUPCAKES!)

14 May

 Yes you read that right – I finally made cupcakes! But first, my first 15 miler… 

I ran it this past Sunday.  I spent the week stressing, calming myself down, stressing, telling myself it’s less than 2 miles longer than my longest run (all of my halfs have been around 13.25 miles, according to my Garmin), stressing again, etc… 

I made sure to do it all right, starting with this beautiful breakfast – whole wheat toast, peanut butter, banana, honey.  It really makes fabulous running fuel! 

While that digested I prepared – I was NOT going to let this run get the best of me.  I got dressed in my usual running attire and packed my fuel belt. I only carried two water bottles – it wasn’t super hot out, and I planned my run around stopping at my parents house to refill the bottles about halfwayish. I packed up one of these:

Roctane – just sounds cool, doesn’t it?
And a whole buncha these:

Miscellaneous gummy things – bears and clif bloks…

I fueled with Clif Bloks at miles 3, 5, and 7 and got to my parents house at exactly 8.88 miles (I only remember it cuz… 888 easyyyyyy – oh and I have this ridiculous penchant for remembering stupid things like addresses, phone numbers, zip codes…yeah I’m a nerd).  So I refilled my water bottles and ate the above pictured Gu, and got my chops busted by my brother “Do people running marathons take breaks this long?”.  Well, some do, and I may, so yes…leave me be boy. Gu is not near as bad as I had expected it to be, it seems to have a texture of unmelted honey. I highly recommend the one I show above – it was actually quite tasty, and it has 2x caffeine, I’m sure that helped power me through the last 6.12 miles of my run. I didn’t try to fuel again until Mile 13 – my mouth/body/everything was totally disgusted by this.  Clif Bloks, for me anyway, don’t go down very well 13 miles into a run.  I have to eat them in tiny little bites anyway, otherwise they make my throat feel icky and that totally f’s up my breathing.  NOT cool. 

Okay, so I wasn’t expecting this to be a long post and here I sit blabbing on and on and on about how I fueled my first 15 miler? Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooring… I know, get on with it, where are the CUPCAKES?

Patience my friends… first I have to celebrate a little.  I RAN MY FIRST 15 MILER AT A 10:23 AVERAGE PACE! I didn’t even hit my wall (usually mile 10) – and this run includes 575 feet of elevation gain! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Then I refueled with this delightfulness:

Bowties, sauce, CHEEEEEESE = Yummy post run re-carbing
Don’t judge – I burned 1600 calories on that run, and I know that’s a HUGE bowl of pasta.  It was good…I also had it with a beer, and a nap, cuz that’s how I roll.  Then went on to eat ravioli and chicken parm with my family for mother’s day dinner.  And a cupcake…and some wine…

Okay onto the interesting stuff…

Last Sunday was Mother’s Day so being the Cupcake Queen that I am – I decided to make cupcakes for my mommy (and a few extra for me…of course). I chose Neapolitan Cupcakes with Ice Cream Frosting.  I absolutely cannot take credit for this recipe – I have Courtney over @ Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life to thank for these.  I tweaked her recipe a tiny bit, not even enough to mention.  

I also overfilled my cupcakes before I baked them:   

Ooopsy…they still look pretty? And pink 😀
Oh well, they were still delicious.  Let me tell you – if you love the flavors of Neapolitan ice cream, you need these cupcakes.  And the ice cream frosting – OMG.  Mommy liked them too – I’m glad I saved a couple at home for myself.

Looks aren’t everything…
I wish they looked prettier… Unfortunately I picked up the wrong pastry bag at the store, the one I bought is for cake decorating, not cupcake frosting.  Ooopsy… 

Enough rambling from me today – tell me this:

What do you use to fuel your long runs? Clif Bloks are becoming repulsive, but they work. Sport beans? Gu? Clif Shots? Traditional sugary treats like peanut m&m’s and gummy bears? I’m interested to see what everyone else uses. 


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