You Know I’m Gonna Have to Face It…

7 May

I’m addicted to racing. I started 2011 with a goal – run at least one race a month this year. That was quickly modified when Mother Nature decided this winter would be a good winter to POUND the Northeast. It’s kinda hard to find races in Rhode Island when there’s two feet of snow on the ground. 

No joke – I didn’t run outside for two months. One race a month or 12 races in a year – same difference, right? Right! I also added a SERIOUS goal to this smaller goal: Run a full marathon before I turn 30. 

Fast forward – May 6, 2011: I’m more than halfway there, tomorrow will be 8 races so far this year.

75% of the way there and not even halfway through the year?! Yup, I’m crazed.

Me & Wicked Awesome Paysah Don
Excited! I just finished my first 1/2 marathon!
That post-race party made that weekend even more exciting – closing down the local pub with these crazies was a BLAST:

Love these guys! What a fun group!
  • Next up: Tour de Patrick.  A three 5k series in RI and MA over three weekends in March.  Best part? 4 Long-sleeve tech tees if you registered for all three races. Sign me up! Oh, plus I PR’ed, twice in the race series (25:32 in the Celtic 5k in Worcester, MA – WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE). I must admit, I was SAD when this race series was over.  A 5k a weekend was such a blast! Plus, who doesn’t love Irish themed knee socks? 

Me & Mommy – rockin the Irish knee socks, oh yeahhhhhhh
And how can you not love it when the last race in the series is in Providence so you can refuel at one of my favorite places, Trinity Brewhouse.  A corned beef Reuben (appropriate, right) and a couple pints of IPA. Delicious!
Trinity IPA – It doesn’t get much better than this

And of course, a wicked awesome medal.  I’ve never seen a finisher’s medal for a 5k before, that was kinda fun!

(Get the picture that I liked Tour de Patrick? It really was a blast!!!!)

  • A couple weeks after Tour de Patrick I was in for my second half marathon – Charlottesville Half Marathon.  That was, um, fun? It was hard, hilly, and I didn’t have a proper dinner the night before and maybe a couple too many beers? I did not PR in this race, but I finished exactly 6 minutes after my first – to the second! Wild, right? There were girls with funny signs, someone dressed like a monkey, and lots of beautiful scenery. There were tons of spectators too, it’s kinda cool running through a college town! 
The man in the monkey suit may have thought I was a tad crazy…?

Me & Wicked Awesome Paysah Jim!
Love the signs!

  • Then it was my friend Jen’s first race – EVER! So, I ran with her, it was so much fun! RI State Police 5k Foot Pursuit.  She finished still smiling, and I decided that an “ice bath” in the ocean sounded fun. 
Still smiling after her first race ever! YAY!

  • So, where am I? Ohhhh 1 year raciversary.  You can read all about that here.
  • What’s on the agenda for the future of 2011 you might ask (or you might be sick of me reliving all my race fun already and you’ve already closed this window and moved onto something more exciting – like your friends giving you the run down of EVERYTHING they did today on Facebook.)

That’s what I thought… 

Up next:

Okay so if my math is correct that’s 14 races in 2011. And I’m sure there’ll be more – I can’t possibly just take October-December off? HAH! No way man! 

The real question is: Am I crazy? Have I gone off the deep end? Or am I just enjoying the thrill of competition? The endorphin rush you get at the end of a successful race? I don’t know what it is, but I’m enjoying every second of it!

In the midst of all this running madness I’m also participating in Seek the Peak – a fundraising drive for the Mount Washington Observatory.  I’m going to climb  to the top of Mt. Washington! 

I hope my legs don’t leave me in 2011…

2 Responses to “You Know I’m Gonna Have to Face It…”

  1. donnamacd May 7, 2011 at 3:33 pm #

    Phew, Squeaks – I do b'lieve you've gone 'round da bend… 🙂

  2. Fruit Fly May 9, 2011 at 11:09 pm #

    Oh girl, you're not crazy, just addicted! I fully support your addiction!!

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