The 100-Mile-Taper-Week Push

30 Apr

Sounds intimidating doesn’t it? It could be… luckily, I’m good at planning. And changing plans. And planning again. And…well you get the picture.

Last month was my first 100+ mile month since I started running.  It was so exciting! Well now I want to do that every month, which shouldn’t be hard starting in May because I’ll be full into marathon training by then…but…

I’m supposed to be tapering since I have my one-year race-iversary on Sunday (Cox Half Marathon). Mother Nature threw a lot of interesting scenarios at me this week. Beautiful all day every day while I was at work, of course, but fog, thunderstorms, you name it, while I had time to run.  Add 3 nights of school in to the mix and I almost gave up.

HAHA What was I thinking?! I don’t give up! End a streak before it’s even become a streak? No way Jose. So I made a plan. At the beginning of the week I had 14.5 miles to reach 100 exactly. 

  • 5 Wednesday morning
  • 3 Thursday night (after school)
  • 3 Friday morning
  • 3 Friday night (I’ve never done 2 a day before, why not start now?)
What really happened? Mother Nature. Thunderstorms. Pouring rain.  My plan was replanned again and the FINAL outcome looked a little like this:

  • 5 Wednesday morning
  • 6 (@the gym – GACK.  I dislike the gym – A LOT)
  • 3 Friday night after work

Now, excuse me while I go indulge in massive amounts of carbs, like this 100g+ carb meal I had for lunch yesterday.

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