A Lesson Learned

29 Apr

Day 1 of my “new” marathon plan (like it hasn’t been changed a bajillion times, and won’t change a bajillion times more in the next 71 days…not that I’m counting or anything).  Run 12 miles @ 9:55 – easy-ish…right? WRONG.

It started out perfect – the sun was shining, it was 65 degrees out, and I had myself completely convinced that I CAN do this. I told Keith where I was going and he said, “Have fun with the hills.” Hmm, I thought on this for a second and said, “No big deal, I’ll make up for them on the downhills.” Yeahhhh….

Off I went and after a small climb (Okay, that wasn’t so bad, I’m used to this), I ran downhill for more than a mile! That was great, I’m nailing my goal pace, 2 miles in, still feeling extremely confident.  (I know what you’re thinking – it’s a 12 mile run… 2 mile’s in pffftttt…child’s play). I’m starting to climb again and Keith’s words are echoing in the back of my mind. Oh, another downhill, okay I’ll take it. I was greeted with the beauty of the Scituate Reservoir at the bottom of this hill, so I stopped for a minute and took a picture.

Pretty, isn’t it?
Next thing I know I’m going up again, WTF??? I’m still on pace, barely.  It was a crazy bad struggle to keep pace for mile 4.  “This is b.s.” I say to myself, and it’s just going to get worse because the end of Mile 4 was NOT the end of that there hill.  I’m going to turn around and head back, then take my run on a different route that I know is flatter.  Somehow I managed 2 more miles on target – I have no idea how.  Did I mention there was NO SHADE on this run? None, I mean none, the temp kept going up and I was baking. I had my dreaded fuel belt on (I really do hate that thing… yet I’m training for a July marathon? Guess I better get used to), so I had enough hydration but oopsy…


Yes, that’s me, lobstah girl…I forgot the sunscreen…and now, 4 days later, this beauty is peeling. Eww. 

So, the rest of that run pretty much just sucked.  I managed to drag my weary butt to my parents house, fuel up on watered down/iced down OJ, stretch a bit, and continue for a VERY slow 5 miles. About 3 or so miles into these 5 miles I stopped sweating. I start to freak out a little, drink some water (I’m trying to ration it now because I don’t have enough), and keep trudging along.  Still thirsty, gummy bears aren’t doing the trick, still no sweat.  I finish off my water and keep pushing.  I can see the end of the road, I can see where I need to be, yet this lack of sweat on a hot spring day has me freaked out.  I think I might have almost cried, but then I started to hyperventilate and literally couldn’t breathe! I seriously need to control myself on these runs. This day was a very good lesson in what not to do for long runs, but… I got my 12 YAY.

2 Lessons learned today:

  1. Don’t run a course you don’t know unless you’re a glutton for punishment (especially after someone says, “Enjoy the hills.” Yeah, I’m not too bright).
  2. Don’t run outside even in April without sunscreen.  Turns out it got to 78 that day…no wonder my skin felt like it was on fire. 
For your viewing pleasure:

That was fun 😉


2 Responses to “A Lesson Learned”

  1. donnamacd April 29, 2011 at 1:45 pm #

    I lost my first try at a comment, but just wanted you to know that I'm delighted to see your blog – you did a great job! And great job gutting it out on your 12 miler!

  2. VERONICA May 1, 2011 at 12:18 pm #

    Glad you're ok! I got my first burn of the year too 😦

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